Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding a favorite old tool again: PaintShop

I did not know that PaintShop still exists! I used the Jasc versions in Windows 95 and XP.  Granted, I didn't use it particularly well. Using speech recognition to draw is… INTERESTING. Still, I could do what I wanted to do for the most part.

Then Jasc was sold to Corel. I could not afford the next upgrades, so I made-do. It worked. I could still do what I wanted to do for the most part. It was really getting clunky to use software that was designed for Windows Xp on a Windows 7 machine, but I've always been the slowest part of my computer.

I've tried installing on Windows 8. Yeah… It was time to find ANYTHING Else. I knew that Photoshop prices were way out of my league and I want all legal software. Besides, my niece showed me her copy. It didn't do anything that PaintShop used to do at well under $100, it just was slicker…

I tried GIMP, and did not like it. It was well worth the price. Other people swear by it, but I would wind up swearing at it.

Aviary had some interesting online editors for a while. SUMO Paint is really good for what it does and has an inexpensive desktop thingy. It just doesn't quite work with my brain.

My nieces and nephews still think that PHOTOSHOP is the gold standard. Next time I win two or three lifetimes worth of Publishers Clearing House, I will think about thinking about trying that overpriced bit of fluff.

For now, this fits my budget:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Help and Kudos for Caregivers

From the gentleman who invented "Granny Pods" so we can keep our elders out of nursing homes comes another Tool. It is an app called MyPart. For the most part, one or two members of the family tend to have most of the caregiving duties when there is a need. This seems to be true whether we are talking about Elder Care or a family member with a long-term disability or a catastrophic illness.

MYPART tries to spread the caregiving among a greater number of families and friends. This is a KICKSTARTER project that I would love to see funded.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Finding Old Treasures… ONLINE

Back before I started my Masters in Deaconess Studies, I was very active in some of the online Lutheran social media-type thingies. One of them that I thoroughly enjoyed was The Wittenberg Trail. Yesterday and today I wandered by there. I'm so glad I did! I renewed a few acquaintances and got involved in several discussions. You really might want to come by and look for yourself!

Look me up!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two Old Movies, and a New One

I have been on something of a "movie binge" recently. Yes, I'm usually juggling three other things while the movie is on, but still… It counts. I think. Maybe…

I'm not going to tell you that I watched COWBOYS VERSUS ALIENS. It was every bit as bad as it sounds. I do not have any idea how Harrison Ford got roped into that one.

For that matter, I'm not entirely sure how I got roped into watching that one…

I will admit to watching the 1950s flick "Last of the Buccaneers" with Paul Henreid. 79 min. or so… Then lost my attention. When the jungle-covered mountains of Galveston seemed to have cannibals. Maybe if I had watched longer I would see that they were really Native Americans in league with the Aliens and thought that the pirate Jean Lafitte and his men were really Cowboys. Or not.

Then I saw that in 1935 then made the movie that was remade in 1982 with Julie Andrews. I thought that a woman playing a man playing a woman was a recent plot! In "FIRST A GIRL" the main characters were so similar to the ones in "Victor/Victoria," that it was quite disappointing. Even the female impersonator was Victor/Victoria! They did not play up the "gay theme" in the 1935 version. It was quite refreshing.

Today, I saw DINESH D'SOUZA's "America: Imagine the World without Her." It was well done. I enjoyed it. I particularly appreciated the fact that he can talk AND LISTEN to people that he may not always agree with. When he presents what they say, he does so fairly and accurately.

Even if you disagree with everything he says, I think you may want to see the movie.

When I grow up I want to be more like him.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Field Trip: Lanier theological Library & Clementine's Restaurant

With all my delight about being able to use my TetraMouse, I forgot to tell you about my field trip!

A group of us from Zion, Tomball went on a delightful exploration on Friday, June 20, 2014. We started off at Lanier Theological Library, a new feature of the greater Houston area.  I don't think it has been around a long time, maybe four or five years. It's quite a little complex! There's a nifty replica of a Byzantine chapel that was my favorite part. I particularly like the fact that it has electricity and air conditioning! Those Byzantine dead folk were really ahead of their time, particularly in light of Houston heat and humidity.

Seriously, I really enjoy that stone chapel. I like the way the images create an opportunity for catechesis. It is kind of like little icons on your computer desktop or cell phone giving clues to the possibilities, once you open the software.

The library is equally impressive. From the floor to the very high ceiling, wall to wall, room to room… Books! Are! EVERYWHERE! Since I can't hold books anymore, I will have to be content with my own digital theological library from LOGOS, with additions from Kindle for PC and Nook for PC.

The next stop was Clementine's Restaurant. It has decor that resembles a street scene. At that time, it was not very busy. The food was generous, appropriately priced, and GOOD. I had the Blackened Tilapia.

Then, a large part of the group went to Our Savior Lutheran Church. This congregation is always a treat to visit. The architecture and art, again, serve as a teaching tool for explaining THE FAITH. Pastor Lawrence White office is another theological library with books in English, German, Greek, and Hebrew. There may be some Latin thrown in for fun and profit…

Some of us went to Adaptive Driving Access in Houston. Who knew that wheelchair-accessible vans could be interesting to look at?!? They even have ramps that slide in under the floor…

You still would not want to share a freeway way for me if I could drive…

I don't mean to go for an adventure for a while. I am still recovering. :-)

Monday, June 23, 2014

This is it! My quest was successful!

I am busily clicking around my desktop and the Internet. Yes, I found the mouse that works for me! I am excited and delighted, and will enjoy fine tuning my abilities as I learn to use the TetraMouse.

 Yes, I need to figure out this scaffolding-thing to mount this to my desk top. Tape allowed me to test whether I can use this tool. It is allowing me to try to figure out the best setup for me…


It allows me the freedom to try my beloved TetraMouse in other situations. For example, I discovered that I can use this in bed. Nice and handy for many situations. If I'm sick, being able to fall into the computer will certainly speed my recovery.

I haven't figured out how to use the lights yet, but I've only been trying since Saturday. I know that there are four speeds to the mouse: blue is slowest, green is default, yellow is dangerously fast, and red is Warp Speed 9.5. I accidentally got to red, and I like it…… I probably need to stay at green for a little bit longer.

I also am thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about getting a second TetraMouse to take with me…

I really LOVE this tool! I wonder how many other people could use it…