Monday, March 14, 2016

I Have Been Home from the Hospital since the Sixth. I just have not posted anything.

I am not particularly fond of hospitals, BIG surprise! I am particularly not fond of the nighttime environment. Sleeping is a full-contact sport--complete with blood tests at random times and other pleasantries.

Everybody knows about this. You all know about the frequent intrusions and the background noise.

If you have entertaining ways to cope with these features of hospital life, leave them in a comment. It might be fun to compare notes.

Don't get me wrong, Nexus Hospital in The Woodlands wasn't a bad place fact, for the first three or so weeks, there was no better place for me. I was quite sick! Between the blood clots in the pneumothorax and various other nonsense, it was quite dodgy.

And yes, I developed coping skills for night times in the hospital. Since people keep wandering in at random times, turning on the lights, waking me up; I left the lights on. It's easier to sleep with lights on than to go back to sleep after startling awake because of light pollution.

Background noise and constantly wondering what time it was convinced me to watch The Weather Channel on my long. When I couldn't sleep, it gives me something to look and listen to. At other times, it was "white noise" of the highest quality.

The programs overnight are SOMETHING. In spite of myself, I got addicted to one offering that seem to come up at 2 AM or something. It is perfect 2 AM fare!

Watching other people work is fascinating.